Once you’ve made the decision to get braces, you may be wondering how we braces on your teeth. Follow along below as we walk through the entire process, so you can come into our office feeling fully prepared, confident and excited about your new smile.

STEP 1: Consultation

To start the process, you must come into our office for a complimentary consultation. Our orthodontists conduct a comprehensive oral examination — examining your mouth for an underbite, overbite, crooked jaw, or any other dental issues — and discuss treatment options. And then, if the doctor feels you are ready — and if you feel prepared to proceed — we can oftentimes get started with your treatment the same day.

STEP 2: X-rays

If you’re agreeable, we typically take panoramic and profile x-rays during the initial consultation so that our orthodontic team can fully understand your situation. These images allow us to see the exact positions of your teeth inside your mouth. X-rays help determine the right course of treatment and the next steps to take along your orthodontic journey.

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STEP 3: Placing Spacers

Oftentimes, your molars sit too tightly next to each other in your mouth, making it difficult to fit rings (also called bands) around your teeth for certain appliances. Before having certain appliances placed, we place spacers for a few weeks to create space between your molars, so that your appliance will slide in easily at your next visit.

STEP 4: Digital Scanning

Finally, we take a 3D scan of your teeth before placing your braces. This process takes about three minutes or less and creates a model of your teeth so that the doctor can determine the exact shape and size of your teeth, evaluate your bite, and have a pre-treatment record of your mouth. Digital models allow him or her to determine your specific treatment plan for the ideal outcome in the most efficient timeline.

STEP 5: Bonding

After thoroughly cleansing your mouth, we rinse and air-dry your teeth before applying a conditioner treatment for about 30 seconds. Then we apply bonding material to the backside of the brackets, which we then place on your teeth. We clean off all excess bonding material from your teeth and use a blue LED light to ensure that the glue stays firmly in place.

STEP 6: Placing Wires

We then attach wires to your brackets using rubber bands. You get to choose the look of these ties — clear or multicolored!

STEP 7: Adjustments & Check Ups

Over time, your rubber bands lose their elasticity and need to be replaced. At our check-up appointments, we replace all bands — again you pick the colors — and we adjust your wires to continue shifting your teeth into place.

STEP 8: Debonding

By far the most exciting part of wearing braces, here we remove your braces in about an hour. And then you get to experience a beautiful smile! After removal, we highly recommend getting a thorough teeth cleaning from your dentist, so you can fully enjoy your new look.

If you have any questions at all about orthodontic treatment or the process of getting your braces on, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to hear from you!

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