At the beginning of 2017, we partnered with the Smile for a Lifetime Foundation to offer families in need with scholarships for free orthodontic care. We’re so excited to share the heartwarming story of our third scholarship recipient: 12-year-old Sherry from Westfield, Indiana.

Continue reading to find out more about her family, how she’s “paying it forward,” and why she believes getting braces will change her life.

Our Newest Smile for a Lifetime Recipient Gets a Straighter Smile

Family Life, Hobbies and Goals

Sherry enjoys reading and playing volleyball and basketball, as well as volunteering in the church nursery every Sunday. One of her personal goals is to not be shy around people and try new things with courage. Sherry also wants to go to college to be a dentist or nurse. As she describes it, “it’s a hard choice.”

Sherry has four siblings, two older brothers and two younger brothers. They all like to watch NBA and NFL games together, as well as play musical instruments.

How Receiving Orthodontic Treatment Can Change Her Life

In Sherry’s words: “I need braces because my teeth aren’t growing normally. I have a huge gap when I shut my teeth and am in danger of having a speech impediment if I don’t get braces soon. I will remember Gorman & Bunch Orthodontics forever in my life when I get treatment. I’ll be a happier person, be smiling publicly, and be able to pronounce words correctly.”

Paying it Forward Through Volunteer Work

Sherry will be volunteering with Open Doors — a local food pantry for families who need food and clothings. Their mission is to “improve the quality of life for Washington Township residents through food and clothing assistance, referral to community services, and spiritual guidance. The organization will be moving locations soon and Sherry will be helping them stock food and clothes. She may also work in the media department, which helps raise money to buy food for the pantry, and she’s also interested in serving in the education department, which helps spread the word to churches and local grocery stores on ways to donate.

Per Sherry: “Open Doors is counting on me, so I will always try to be on time and do the work right. The most important thing about helping is knowing that I’m helping families and individuals who are not able to afford food and clothes. I want to be a part of a caring and helping community.”

If you, or someone you know, would be a great candidate, please let them know about our Smile for a Lifetime Central Indiana Chapter. We would love to change your life by helping improve your smile. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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